Ever has trouble measuring water temperature for your fish? Never sure whether to turn the tank lights on? Can't remember to feed the fish? Well look no further, all you will need is the Fishometer!

When I realised that I never fed my fish, and I never turned on the Tank lights I developed the "Fishometer" solution; a solution to the problems of overfeeding, temperature reading and automatic illumination.

The product reminds you to feed your fish twice a week and tells you if you have overfed them.  The reminders are displayed on LCD and with a small LED.  

The time is displayed on the LCD along with the day of the week, and at a set time each day the lights turn on and off automatically.  The time can be set via the single button interface on power up.

A temperature sensor is also implemented into the product and the temperature displayed on an LCD (in centigrade and Fahrenheit), and through a Tri-Coloured LED; green for good, orange for OK and red for danger.

The overall product is easy to operate and simple to understand, requiring little more than plugging in, standing back and helping your fish to live the most healthy way possible.

 My Design folder is available on-line as is the program for the PICAXE.