The TweetBox is a Nesting box monitoring system that wirelessly feeds live video from a nesting box back to a base station where the images can be seen along with temperature, humidity and other data on a TV screen.

Many UK Households own nesting boxes for wild or domesticated birds, bats and other small mammals. These boxes are used by the animals for nesting, roosting and breeding.

Television programmes such as “Springwatch” often have video, taken from animal nesting boxes, shown on the programme. Currently the only way you could see if there was anything inside one of these boxes is to open it up and look inside, disturbing the nested animal.

As well as video, temperature monitoring allows the nesting box owner greater monitoring powers, allowing them to help the birds live in the healthiest way possible.

The full Design Folder is available online, with the full details about the product.  The code is available here.